Ambassadors For BitCashPay Communities

BCPAY FinTech Official
3 min readMar 14, 2021


Great Day BCP Community!

We are looking for passionate and energetic individuals who wanted to take part in creating a community to represent blockchain into the whole world.

Each Ambassadors will take on responsibilities to create opportunities in their local sectors, be it for blockchain education, development and support and the real world. Ambassadors will look out for individuals with knowledge and skills and the willingness to share, develop and improve their digital status.

The major goal of these chosen Ambassadors is to create an Academy where learning is encouraged, focusing on the needs of the community in the digital space and cultivating the sense of support for all individuals interested.


  1. Represent — Represent blockchain technology while working hand in hand with BitCashPay staff.

2. Assemble — Assemble individuals with the same interest and passion in the blockchain technology.

3. Educate — Ambassadors will contribute or facilitate in the education of individuals new to cryptocurrency. This may require help from experienced individuals hence the number 2 responsibility is necessary.

4. Create — Education will not progress if the knowledge imparted won’t be accessed by the local community and be used in their day-to-day living.
Creation of job opportunities, whether in the physical world or digital world is highly expected, or, involvement in cryptocurrency trading and investments.

Skills necessary for Ambassadors to look out for:

a. Social Media Management — Expansion, education and information gathering is of much importance. Skills required may include but not limited to; Social Media Management ( telegram, twitter, facebook, discord, etc..)
Content Creation ( Article, Graphic Designs, PowerPoint Presentations, videos etc.)

b. Speaking Engagement — Aside from meet-and-greet events, education in the form of lectures, seminars and workshops is necessary for the creation of the Academy.

c. Trading Skills — Whether you are a day trader, swing trader or a long term investor, your skills in analyzing good projects is highly-appreciated.

d. Team/People Management or Delegation of Task

There’d be a variety of tasks to be done on a certain timeframe and a good team leader would make the job easy.

e. Keen observation for Creating job opportunities

Job opportunities for members must follow every education session and the need of the community must be addressed.

Advantage of being an Ambassador

1. Have access to an exclusive Ambassadors-only group with direct communication to BitCashPay Team.
2. Secure rewards in the form of tokens.
3. Receive funds to host local meetups and gatherings to gather information or educate local members.

The success of the Ambassadors in creating local groups will in turn bring them forward into creating an Academy.
Skills and mindset must be further improved to enhance one’s abilities to the fullest as they assist one another as a group.
The goal for these Academies are to be a self-sustaining institution promoting cryptocurrency adoption in the community.
The success of the Academy will in turn bring them forward into creating more job/business opportunities and establish a Cooperative for long term functions.