BCP GIVEAWAYS up to $2000

BCP Profile Pic Challenge Mechanics

Must also complete these tasks:

a. Go to Coinmarketcap
b. Search — BITCASHPAY (BCP)
c. Tap the star ⭐
d. Thumbs up 👍🏻
e. Upload screenshot (proof) in google form

i. Go to Coingecko
ii. Search — BITCASHPAY (BCP)
iii. Tap ⭐
iv. Tap 👍🏻
v. Submit screenshot (proof) in google form

Prizes are as follows:

Fill in this form to provide proof of participation.

For those who want to purchase BCP tokens, you can purchase it on UNISWAP and Bilaxy.

ERC20 Contract Address: 0xe047705117eb07e712c3d684f5b18e74577e83ac

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