BCPAY FinTech Joins UniFarm Cohort 25

BCPAY FinTech Official
2 min readOct 28, 2021


About UniFarm

UniFarm is your best choice for an innovative farming solution, and when we say “innovative”, it is one-of-a-kind! It provides a win-win solution for all the parties involved whether you are an investor or the project itself. UniFarm provides a One-For-All token pool for everyone to enjoy their rewards. It creates value both for the stakers and project creators by:

a.) Providing multiple farming rewards for staking “one” token.
b.) Providing a minimum guaranteed APY.
c.) Decentralized and easy-to-use applications
d.) Creating Utility and Demand for project tokens
e.) Access to new sets of Investors
f.) Easing the sell pressure hereby, creating long term holders.


Staking goes live on Thursday, 28th of October 2021, (Time: 13:30 UTC) on the Binance Smart Chain network.
Five projects will be participating namely: StartFi ($STFI), Derived ($DVDX), BCPAY FinTech($BCPAY), Raze Network ($RAZE) and UniFarm ($UFARM) with a total reward pool size of $250,000, WITH $50,000 worth per project.
The total of staked tokens per project is worth $500,000 only so this is a first-come-first-served basis.
The community may stake any one or more of their holdings from the above tokens and will be able to farm ALL the tokens participating, as per a week-by- week schedule.
The UniFarm Pool will last for 180 days and users will get a minimum GUARANTEED APY of 36% and a maximum APY of 250%.
They can also unstake anytime, however, it will reset their clock back to zero. The system has an inbuilt compounding gamified framework where the longer you stay, the more benefits you accrue.

Some Stats about UniFarm So Far:

- Total Value Locked in Unifarm so far is $15 Million+
- Cohort 2 had $1.5 Million staked within the first day of launch
- Cohort 3 had $1 Million staked within hours of launch

1. Users have earned OVER 4600% APY from the recently concluded UniFarm Cohort 1!
2. In UniFarm Cohort 8, Kylin Network set the record for the fastest pool filled so far — only SIX Minutes from launch!
3. UniFarm’s current TVL stands at $15 Million USD+ and can be checked live on the website
4. User earns 6716.505% APY with UniFarm Cohort 11. (Case Study Link)

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