BCPAY entered its latest partnership with ApeSwap allowing the community to create a $BCPAY/$BNB Pool and earn ApeSwap’s native currency: $BANANA. Earned $BANANAs can be staked to earn other tokens and unlock other exclusive features.

ApeSwap’s stunning features, TRADE, EARN, INVEST and COLLECT enables it to be a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon focused on offering a premier trading experience. It’ DEX allows any combination of two tokens to be exchanged on Binance Smart Chain and on Polygon. Yield Farming earns you $BANANA which then can be used to earn other tokens with staking features. Users with $GNANA will be able to have better rewards and active participation on its governance, as being the core governance token of ApeSwap. Users can also participate in Initial Ape Offerings (or IAOs) to catch the hottest projects early!

ApeSwap has been instrumental in the growth of other project partners & BUIDL program members! Its jungle repository has over 70 partners from Initial APE Offerings to Vaults and Philantropy. ApeSwap experience is truly an ever growing experience.

Go to app.apeswap.finance, click LIQUIDITY, ADD, then choose the corresponding equivalent of BCPAY and BNB.
You can also directly go to this link and ADD the liquidity that you want. Approve it through metamask and you’re done!
After a series of confirmations, it should display your Pooled Tokens and Share in BCPAY and BNB.

$BANANAs can be earned by staking your $BCPAY+BNB LPs. Simply visit https://apeswap.finance/farms and search for BCPAY. Max out your $BCPAY/$BNB LP share and confirm it on your metamask! You are on your way to earn $BANANAs

$GNANA is a reflect token with a 2% transfer fee. $GNANA holders get a share of the fee proportional to their holdings just by having it in their wallets!

Additionally, users who hold GNANA in their wallets are eligible for voting. You can read more about ApeSwap’s $Golden Banana economics and utility on this link here.

To EARN $BCPAY, go to https://apeswap.finance/pools and search for BCPAY and stake your $GNANA right away.

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***All contents in this article are for informative purposes only. This is not to be regarded as an investment advice. We are in no position to provide investment advice. All investments to be made by any individual should be done with proper research and due diligence. DYOR. Trade at your own risk.



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