BitCashPay Update

BCPAY FinTech Official
3 min readSep 21, 2021

We would like to address what has transpired during the couple of days on the BCP web server and Uniswap. It is very much unfortunate that this hacking incident has taken place. We are happy nonetheless to have our community support us all the way during the incident, and together with the core team, we were able to assess the situation and have a solution in place.

The Hacking

The BCP web server has been compromised and the hacker managed to extract wallet private keys from our database including the Contract Creator Wallet. On August 28, 2021, the hacker managed to withdraw and transfer funds from Team.Finance. Three times 17M BCP tokens were taken away and we immediately reported it to TrustSwap. Unfortunately, removing the liquidity is impossible as it was locked for two years. The latest lock token contract does not also have the function to change ownership, hence the dreadful moment has taken place. The team aims to lower the circulating supply but it was withdrawn before the team. The early morning of September 12, 2021 is the date allowed for the team to claim 142M BCP plus another 17M BCP from Team.Finance and we thought we were ready for that. We’ve prepared a wallet watcher so that when it’s withdrawn, it’ll automatically transfer to different wallets with higher than normal gas fees, which didn’t work out in our favor. As a result, the hacker managed to dump the tokens in Uniswap.

The Solution

As part of our solution and moving forward with the compromised BCP Contract Creator wallet, our team decided to move into a new token on Binance Smart Chain($BCPay) and we will airdrop the equivalent token from the snapshot of September 11, 2021 6:30PM UTC. Snapshot for the airdrop will be done at block 13206105 (September 11th 6:30 PM UTC) before the dumping of the hacker. All wallets with balances in this block will receive the new $BCPAY with a ratio of 10:1. SELLING YOUR OLD $BCP NOW IS FREE MONEY.
We will also compensate buyers who bought BCP tokens within the 4 hours following the dump of the hacker. Also to compensate our BCP holders, and to prevent the hacker from dumping any token again,
we have advised everyone to start selling their BCP tokens to liquidate the LP in Uniswap so that the hacker won’t be able to benefit from it. It is really an unfortunate event yet it is not enough to get us down.

No user action is needed to receive the airdrop.

How to add BCPAY on Metamask on BSC Network

To start, you must have your Metamask wallet downloaded, add binance smart chain network ( custom RPC ). These are the parameters you’ll need to fill in.

Network Name: Smart Chain ( Main net )


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

You can now then ADD the Contract Addres for BCPAY: 0x21f1ce0fcf1e9e39f8e79b7762801e8096d9f6cd

Important Update:

We have foreseen the need to check the wallets manually to explore possible transactions with the hacker’s wallets and to qualify those accounts within the exchanges’ jurisdiction. Unfortunately, we have limited cooperation with some of the exchanges and so we are down with little to no information at all. However, we are pleased to inform the community that we have checked almost 4000 wallets at current time and we’ll be able to start the distribution of the airdrop as soon as possible. We are very sorry for the delay yet we believe that thorough checking is very much necessary.