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Joins the BCP Team

The growth of a certain project is always accompanied by a surge of users and potential partnerships. BCP team has to be very scrupulous with such attention and offers. As we render our services to a population, there would be more opportunity for exposure and possibly less time to sort things out. The development of BCP teams proves the effectiveness of every effort of both the team and the community, thus we introduce a new addition to the Team. A profound speaker with a humble origin and an unbiased opinion in cryptocurrencies. Who is this powerful individual? Let’s get to know him more. Who is David Pakman?

David Pakman

David Pakman is an Argentine-born American who hosts a Youtube/Twitch talk radio Program called “The David Pakman Show”. It currently has 1.34M subscribers and is still growing steadily.
His early life records that he attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Amherst, Massachusetts, where he majored in economics and communications. He earned his MBA degree from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts.
The DPS started as a community radio show called Midweek Politics where he hosted it as a “hobby”, and only six years later, the show is already being aired in 100 stations and outlets. He is viewed as a progressive political commentator and he’s become popular for voicing out his political opinions and topical commentary. We also see him talk about cryptocurrency from time to time and so many people assume that he also holds a number of major cryptocurrencies. In fact, he was an advisor to one of the top 200 cryptocurrency in coinmarketcap. What are his views of cryptocurrency in general? What does he think about bitcoin technology? What are his trading strategies? And how can we work together to a more crypto-friendly economic discussions? These are just a few of the questions that many people wanted to ask. We’ll find out more as we move forward together.


BitCashPay is a project that started mid 2020 but the concept originally was built since 2019. It aims to provide an all-in-one DeFi platform while at the same time connect the majority of the outside community both to blockchain and cryptocurrency and the traditional financial transaction. As it can be noticed, there are roughly less than 5% of the total world population involved in cryptocurrency and the numbers greatly varies among individual countries. Being said that, BCP aims to involve the smallest community in their daily financial transactions while at the same time introduce them to the beauty and advantage of blockchain and cryptocurrency. BitCashPay has promised to offer services such as Staking and Yield Farming, Decentralized Lending, DEX with Fiat Cash-in /Cash-out, bills payment and other payment solution, Remittance, Crypto Academy and Crypto Bank and Cooperative. For those who are following the project closely, BCP is already on the move on developing its Launchpad and 3D game with NFTs on it. It is truly an all-in-one DeFI platform for our daily financial transactions. With it’s gradual growth and development, along with the current trends in the crypto market, BCP is set to lead in the world of decentralized platform.

What to expect in the future?

BitCashPay has a lot to reveal in the future! Starting from just three members, the team has grown into more than twenty people, including those who have helped us in various little ways. This organic growth is a powerful move! Then we also have our community. We consider the community as a great asset that’s why we have attended to much of their propositions. The BCP project is not just about the team getting rich nor the community acquiring a quick-rich opportunity. It’s more than that. A positive and definite gradual growth is always better than a 1-day rocket show. As we address many of the issues in the real world while collaborating it together with blockchain and cryptocurrency, it will be a sure-fire way to achieve success. The launchpad development is already at a glimpse as we near the completion of staking on our application. We have more in the pipeline. A separate group of developers has been tasked to create a 3D NFT game, to be released by the end of the year. BCP Academy is also on its early stages. The success of the Academy will even create more opportunities for its members thus the inevitable inception of Crypto Bank and Cooperative. As we explore more possibilities in the future, we have our solid community to assist us in our endeavor. The latest addition of David Pakman as our Media/PR advisor is just the beginning of a wonderful partnership and we too expect more engagements such as this coming up!

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