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3 min readJun 10, 2021


Although it seemed that cryptocurrency adoption is being curtailed by powerful countries, in reality, it is gradually being adopted by the general community. The ratification of bitcoin itself as a store of value is gaining popularity these days especially among the younger generations. The understanding of how it works as opposed to the fiat system is gaining grounds as more and more individuals are getting more interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency itself. What more is a better way to hasten adoption? Partnership! Partnership! Partnership! Projects partner with another project that has the same ambit, looking forward to an exquisite crypto adoption.


SparkPoint Technologies Inc., is a duly registered corporation in the Philippines under the Securities and Exchange Commission since 2018. It provides an ecosystem that can be utilized into various fields for the benefit of its users. SparkPoint Ecosystem is an all-in-one platform with solutions to our common financial problems. It aims to fuel more market opportunities for individuals by reinventing digital payments through their main ecosystems, SparkPoint Wallet, SparkEarn, SparkLearn, SparkDefi and SparkPlay. Their whitepaper has cited all the details of their ecosystems and how it appeals to the general unbanked public. One area in the ecosystem that gives excitement to many is the SparkLearn Ecosystem that will launch an E-learning facility amidst the challenge of financial illiteracy the world is facing today. They will be designing learning modules that will attend not only to topics about blockchain and cryptocurrency but financial literacy in general, which we know has a wide coverage. These kinds of learning will be very necessary even for a start-up community to build their own ecosystem through digital financial solutions provided. As we grow incrementally in knowledge and crypto adoption, there’ll be more of these newer ecosystems added into the platform that could potentially produce quality products and services readily available to the general public. SparkPoint is one of our helping hand in materializing this vision.


BitCashPay is another all-in-one DEFI platform in the market. As it strives for excellence, it seeks to supply a straightforward solution to our daily financial transactions through blockchain technology. Behind these solutions, adaptability to the trend is one of its greatest asset. Financial transactions are always made through various methods that suits both parties, but in reality, inconspicuous to many, there are but a few that manages to control these avenues. BitCashPay seeks to distribute this power evenly to the community itself. By collaborating with blockchain technology, it introduces decentralization through smart contracts into most of its features. Features such as staking, LP pool farming, lending/borrowing and more will be materialized through smart contracts that will add trust to the project. The BCP idea sparked when the initial core team cogitate on connecting the unbanked sector to the common financial services the banked sector is enjoying. By extrapolating past experience to the intense future of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the BCP idea was born. Amongst the features we seek to prepare for the community, it is the creation of the Crypto Bank and Cooperative that we are mostly excited about. These features will further strengthen the community and economy by creating more jobs and businesses therefore generating a win-win situation for both.


BitCashPay and SparkPoint have a lot in common and so a collaboration is inevitable. Having the same eye for a fast-track mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in both national and international space, it is an exciting experience to work together towards that common goal.

BCP-BNB Liquidity Staking is now live at By staking BCP-BNB Spark LP tokens, one will receive BCP in rewards. Additional pair will be coming so stay tuned for updates the following day. A more detailed instruction will be put up for the community to follow.

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